Help Us Name Our Camp!

Help Us Name Our Camp!

During Summer of 2019 we offered the below listed camps and are going to expand our offerings this summer. We are looking for a summer camp name that reflects the diverse special interest camp topics that will be offered.


Summer Camps immerse students in career explorations, volunteer opportunities and workshops that build direct life skills, field trips AND MUCH MORE! Each camp is designed to provide experiences that foster individual strengths and interests. In order to provide the best possible experience for camp, enrollment in each camp is limited to 20 students.

Early Educators Camp (Babysitting Camp)
The Early Educators Camp provided the support and guidance needed to become involved in early childhood education. Participants were engaged in activities that developed leadership, life skills, professionalism, and safety. Participants earned their certification in babysitting, first aid, CPR & AED. This camp was led by a certified teacher who specializes in early childhood education and family consumer sciences. First aid, CPR & AED training was provided by a certified Red Cross trainer. Participants received a drawstring backpack full of resources, a pocket first aid kit, flashlight and DVD.

Aerospace Camp
Aerospace Camp engaged students in interactive activities designed to reinforce standards for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Activities included piloting a flight simulator, building solar car models, performing science experiments, building stomp rockets, and so much more! The Aerospace Camp was led by a certified teacher with specialization in aerospace technologies. Camp participants received a drone.

Culinary Camp
Culinary Camp offered activities that stimulated, fostered, and promoted interest culinary arts. Participants learned cooking techniques, explored the food service industry, engaged in fun and creative cooking demonstrations. This camp was led by industry trained chefs and certified teachers. Participants prepared a variety of dishes, paired foods, and explored what foods promote healthy living. Basic vocabulary, following a recipe, and utilizing safe cooking methods were also highlighted. Camp participants received an apron, hat, rubber spatula, and cookbook.

AMP it up! Camp
Aspiring Medical Professionals is a career-themed camp designed to provide an opportunity for participants to explore health career programs. Participants learned about health careers such as nursing, medical assistant, and surgical technology. Participants received first aid, CPR & AED training and certification, toured PHSC nursing simulation labs, and more! Students participated in hands-on activities such as hand-washing; checking vital signs; vision; reflex; hearing testing; wellness; and nutrition. This camp was presented by certified and licensed medical professionals. Participants received a lab coat and stethoscope kit, which included a blood pressure cuff and scissors.